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October 28, 2011
Senator Tom Kean Asserts Subway Line Extension Will Boost Regional Economy

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Meadowlands, Xanadu and Future Super Bowls and Olympics Would Receive Boost

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean commented today on the ancillary benefits of the proposed extension of the Number 7 subway line to the Secaucus transfer station:

“New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently discussed a study that confirmed the value of extending the MTA’s Number 7 line to Secaucus. Governor Christie has encouraged serious consideration of the project. The extension will create jobs and reduce traffic congestion in northern New Jersey. Economic development, cleaner air and improved commuter convenience make this proposal a win, win, win.

“In 2014, New Jersey will host its first Super Bowl in the new Giants/Jets stadium in the Meadowlands. The creation of a direct rail connection to midtown Manhattan will enhance the probability of hosting future Superbowls and other high-profile sporting events.

“The subway line extension will also help improve the chances of a New York bid to host the Summer Olympics in 2020. The improved transportation option to the sports complex in the Meadowlands could be an important factor in the determination of the host city.

“Finally, the more convenient transportation from New York City would also help improve the prospects of the long stalled American Dream Meadowlands shopping complex, formerly known as the Xanadu mall.

“For these reasons, as well as the immediate benefits for commuters, job creation and the environment I recommend New Jersey, New York, New York City and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey begin serious discussions on making the Number 7 line extension a reality.”

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