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September 15, 2011
Oroho Honored By ‘Legislator of the Year’ Awards

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Two Groups Honor Senator for His Work on Economic Development and Job Creation

The New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce and the New Jersey Society for Environmental, Economic Development (NJ SEED) have both named Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex, Morris, Hunterdon) as their Legislator of the Year. The two groups selected Oroho for his legislative efforts to make New Jersey more competitive economically and collaborative work to help grow the economy and fuel job creation.

“The State Chamber of Commerce and NJ SEED are strong advocates for issues that are critical to New Jersey residents, including job creation and economic development,” Oroho stated. “I appreciate the positive work both of these organizations do and am honored to be recognized for my efforts in the State Legislature to improve the quality of life for every New Jersey resident.”

Senator Oroho was appointed by Governor Chris Christie to serve on the Governor’s Red Tape Review Commission to promote government efficiency, reduce uncertainty in dealing with government agencies and create a stable environment for businesses that want to grow in the state. The group reviews state rules, regulations and Executive Orders to determine if their impacts outweigh their intended benefits.

Oroho was also the prime sponsor of several legislative initiatives that were recently signed into law including legislation that streamlines New Jersey’s cumbersome business tax structure and measures that make the state’s regulatory structure less burdensome.

“I approach my job every day with the thought of how we can improve our state’s competitive economic position to once again be an engine for job growth,” said Oroho. “We must continue to partner with business organizations, such as the State Chamber of Commerce and NJ SEED, to advance an economic agenda that helps businesses achieve success leading to sustained job creation which is sorely needed by so many residents.”

“As I continue in the State Legislature, particularly in my service on both the Senate Economic Growth Committee and the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, this will remain one of my guiding principles.”

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce will present their award to Senator Oroho on September 27 in Atlantic City, while NJ SEED will honor the Senator on October 4 in Trenton.

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