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August 17, 2011
McHose-Oroho Bill Requiring State Agencies To Feature “Jersey Fresh” Products Is Signed Into Law

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State Agencies Serving Food Would Have to Feature and Encourage Use of “Jersey Fresh” Products

State agencies now have to feature and promote “Jersey Fresh” products in their eateries under a law signed today by Governor Christie that was sponsored by Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose and Senator Steve Oroho.

“Serving homegrown produce or baked goods at our state facilities sends a positive message about our state, supports local economies and helps preserve New Jersey’s farming heritage,” McHose, R-24, said. “When people eat at a New Jersey facility, they should have no doubt they’re in the Garden State with plenty of menu options featuring Jersey peaches, corn and tomatoes to choose from.”

The bipartisan measure, A-2342, was signed today by Governor Christie. The law requires state agencies to provide enhanced visibility and accessibility to “Jersey Fresh” and “Jersey Grown” products served in their facilities.

“All state agencies, departments and facilities should be purchasing New Jersey grown products if it is practical and feasible,” Oroho stated. “Not only are Jersey grown products fresher and better tasting, but their purchase helps the local economy, supports New Jersey farms, preserves open space and protects the environment.”

The bill reflects changes under a law sponsored by McHose and Oroho and signed by Governor Christie in January that included baked goods under the “Jersey Fresh” label.

“We need to make sure that farming remains a big part of our state’s economy and culture,” McHose said. “Encouraging the use of the products grown and baked by local farmers is one way to accomplish that.”

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