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June 30, 2011
Tom Kean & Tony Bucco: “Governor Helps Suburban Schools While Fixing Democrats’ Illegal Budget”

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Governor Christie Balances Budget While Increasing School Aid

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean and Senate Republican Budget Officer Tony Bucco praised Governor Christie’s changes to the Democrats illegal, out of balance budget today for heeding Republican calls for added suburban school aid in the context of a balanced, fiscally responsible budget:

“The budget passed by legislative Democrats was political, partisan, and unbalanced from the minute it was introduced,” said Senator Kean. “I commend the Governor for taking the bold action necessary to fill the more than $700 million hole he was handed yesterday by the Majority, and for doing so while increasing aid for suburban districts that are treated unfairly by current school funding law. The Governor has proven what Republicans have been saying all along: we can do right by the taxpayers of New Jersey without resorting to the budget gimmicks and irresponsibility of the past. His changes to the budget will provide a doubling of this year’s suburban school aid increase and unfreeze the ‘Senior Freeze’ program without raising taxes and hurting job creation to pay for it.”

“Governor Christie made the crucial changes to return fiscal discipline to a budget document that was fundamentally flawed and fiscally indefensible,” Bucco continued. “The document that he returned to the Legislature today, increases property tax relief and continues the essential reforms that will create more private sector jobs and return all New Jerseyans to prosperity.”

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