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June 29, 2011
Singer: Democrat Budget is a Step Backwards for New Jersey

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Senator Robert Singer (R-Ocean) issued the following statement today following the Senate passage of the Democrat sponsored Fiscal Year 2012 State Budget:

“Governor Christie and my Republican colleagues have been taking aggressive action to correct state spending and straighten out our state’s finances. New Jersey residents cannot afford to support the bloated, oversized government Democrats built over the past eight years with constant tax increases and incessant borrowing.

“Unfortunately, the Democrat sponsored budget passed today is more of the failed fiscal policies of the past, reminiscent of the Corzine and McGreevey years. Increased spending is paid for with nearly $600 million in made up revenue. This includes $165 million in healthcare savings that do not exist due to pension and healthcare reform compromise and should have been accounted for, $365 million in income tax revenue that has not been certified and $190 million in mysterious savings that cannot be proven.

“We need to pass a realistic budget that ensures government spending stays in check and that any savings found are passed on to the New Jersey taxpayer.”

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