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June 29, 2011
Bateman: Democrats Pass Unrealistic Budget, Threatening Future Prosperity

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Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R-Somerset/Morris) issued the following statement today following the Senate passage of the Democrat sponsored Fiscal Year 2012 State Budget:

“Governor Christie has been a welcome change for New Jersey residents who suffered through the past eight years under Democrat Governors who increased spending by $11 billion, pushed through 115 tax increases and doubled state debt making New Jersey more and more unaffordable for middle class families.

“Today, it is evident, that the Democrat majority in the Legislature wants to revert back to the failed fiscal policies of the Corzine and McGreevey Administrations by increasing taxes and spending money we do not have. The Democrat budget spends $1.2 billion more than the Governor’s proposed budget in February and relies on nearly $900 million in dubious revenue including $190 million in efficiencies that have not been identified, $165 million in healthcare savings that do not exist and $365 million in an income tax windfall that has not been certified.

“Democrats have learned nothing from the past 8 years that uncontrolled spending and unrestrained growth in government will not lead to long-term prosperity. We need to take a realistic, disciplined approach to our state’s finances to create private-sector jobs, lower taxes and make New Jersey more affordable.”

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