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June 24, 2011
Tom Kean: “Dems Propose Dubious, Unbalanced Budget”

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Proposal Spends More, Taxes More, Relies on Phantom Revenues, and Forces False Choice Between Jobs and Suburban School Aid

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, Jr. (R- Union), responding to press reports that Democrats are drafting an alternative budget proposal, issued the following statement expressing grave concerns regarding the plan’s fiscal honesty:

“Democrats yesterday told the press they’ll be submitting a budget that will be out of balance the minute it is introduced,” Kean said. “We’ve been down the road of using phantom revenues and one shot gimmicks with Governors McGreevey and Corzine. It is an unhappy place to which New Jersey residents do not wish to return.”

Kean noted that while a bill is not available for public consumption, Democrats have told media sources they’ll rely on hundreds of millions in inflated revenue projections and dubious “savings”.

Kean also blasted the Democratic Majority for holding suburban school aid hostage to a job-killing tax increase.

“They’re trying to force a ‘Sophie’s Choice’, making lawmakers choose between jobs and the school aid suburban districts deserve,” Kean observed. “Even liberal Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York knows that increasing taxes in the middle of a recession is lousy economic policy that destroys jobs. Tying school aid to a destructive tax increase is naked, election year politics.”

“Republicans are not going to be cowed into supporting an anti-jobs tax hike by the Majority’s tired class warfare games that have been rejected by leaders of their own party. Republicans believe what the people of New Jersey believe- that the current school funding formula is unfair to the vast majority of communities in our state and needs to be changed. If the Democrats were really concerned about suburban schools, they would join with us to make the formula more fair and equitable.”

“It’s a shame that the Majority views the state budget as a campaign prop.”

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