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Senator Tom Kean, Jr. Senator Tom Kean, Jr. (R-21)
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June 20, 2011
Tom Kean: “Today, the Taxpayers Won”

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Lauds Senate Passage of Historic Pension, Benefits Reforms

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, Jr. (R- Union) issued this statement following Senate passage of S-2937, reforming public employee pension and health benefits:

“Today, the taxpayers won.”

“The compromise legislation passed by the Senate will save taxpayers well in excess of $100 billion over the long term and induce a near immediate reduction of local property taxes.”

“That last point is worth repeating: this legislation will result in property tax relief almost immediately without the gimmicks of the past. It reduces the cost of state and local government on a scale that this state has never before seen, allowing local officials to get their budgets under control.”

“In short, government will work for the taxpayers- not the other way around.”

“Very seldom are we, as Legislators, able to cast a vote that results in savings to the taxpayers of this magnitude. This is the most substantial tax relief measure ever considered at the State House and a monumental victory for which taxpayers have waited too long.”

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