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Senator Steve Oroho Senator Steve Oroho (R-24)
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June 10, 2011
Oroho Welcomes Pension Reform for Elected Officials as Part of Comprehensive Pension Reform Proposal

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Senator Steve Oroho (R-24) issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s Senate voting session in which legislation (S-1875) he sponsored to prevent elected officials from simultaneously collecting a public pension and salary for the same elected position was held from a vote:

“Although my bill was held, I was assured by Senate President Sweeney that the effort to end this pension loophole which I’ve been continuing to champion will be considered in the larger context of the comprehensive pension reform proposal.

“I welcome this discussion because I believe that on pension reform, we, as elected officials, must lead by example or we lack credibility. This clearly is an issue that strikes at the heart of public trust because it is a highly egregious example of self dealing when you consider that only elected officials are able to retire from the public pension system while continuing to hold, and be compensated for serving in, the same public position.

“I am committed to ending this pension abuse and however we have to accomplish this goal is welcomed and must be pursued.”

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