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April 13, 2011
Senate Republican Budget Members Compliment the Administration’s Responsible Transportation Plan

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Both Sides of the Aisle Praise Commissioner Simpson’s Efforts

The five Republican members of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee issued the following statement complimenting the Christie Administration’s transportation plan.

“New Jersey’s interconnected transportation network is critical to the economic well-being of this state. In this tough budget environment it is difficult to provide the necessary resources to adequately maintain our transportation infrastructure.

“The FY ’12 Capital Program appropriation provides $3.5 billion in funds to keep our roads, bridges and trains in good condition. These monies are appropriated without any new taxes or additional borrowing.

“The FY ’12 transportation proposal is designed to uphold New Jersey’s ‘fix it first’ philosophy. This approach will guarantee that existing bridges and roads are in the best possible condition, making our roads and bridges safer for the motoring public.

“The transportation capital plan will also provide hundreds of new jobs for New Jersey workers.

“Some of our colleagues have advocated for higher taxes on fuel. Our caucus categorically opposes any initiative that would increase any taxes on the already over-burdened citizens of this state.

“Furthermore, with the price of gas increasing daily, any attempt to increase the motor fuel’s tax would be both irresponsible and counterproductive. We welcome constructive initiatives for our transportation needs. However, this caucus rejects any attempt to criticize the Governor’s common-sense transportation proposal without` offering an alternative initiative.”

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