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January 25, 2011
Singer Introduces Bill to Reinstate Death Penalty in New Jersey

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10 Police Officers Killed by Gunfire Already in 2011 Shows Need For Revamped Law

Senator Robert Singer (R-Ocean) introduced legislation today that would reinstate the death penalty in New Jersey for those who murder a child, kill a police officer in the line of duty or commit a terrorist attack that results in fatalities.

“I do not support the death penalty out of a need for revenge or due to malice in my heart. Neither do the many individuals I have met who have suffered from heinous crimes,” Singer stated. “I support the death penalty because sometimes it is the only way to achieve justice for the victims and families affected by horrible crimes.”

Singer commented on the rise in police shootings this year, including the recent execution-style murder of on-duty Lakewood police officer Christopher Matlosz. Published reports indicate that ten police officers in the United States have been killed by gunfire in the line of duty this year.

“I am well aware that the death penalty will not bring back a slain police officer, a murdered child or a victim of terrorism,” Singer continued. “For certain crimes, however, life in prison is not justice.”

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