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July 11, 2023
VIDEO: Governor Murphy just gave BIG WIND a BIG GOVERNMENT bailout!

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Governor Phil Murphy just gave BIG WIND a BIG GOVERNMENT bailout.

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He took $1 BILLION from utility customers and gave it to a HUGE foreign wind developer.

New Jersey families and businesses are already paying higher electric bills to build offshore wind farms.

Ørsted, a Danish company, was supposed to return that money to ratepayers to offset the cost of utility bills.

Instead, they threatened to walk away from their offshore wind project unless they got to keep the $1 BILLION.

Trenton Democrats IGNORED THE COST to New Jerseyans and RUBBER STAMPED THE BAILOUT.

ANOTHER WIND DEVELOPER is already lining up for ANOTHER BAILOUT that will raise utility bills even higher.

“Ørsted is realizing that wind farm projects don’t make economic sense without major government subsidies, so now they’re looking for a huge handout at the expense of utility customers. We shouldn’t give it to them.” – Senator Ed Durr (R-3), June 28, 2023.

“Democrats like Governor Murphy who often complain about corporate welfare had absolutely no problem giving $1 billion to a foreign wind farm developer at the expense of New Jersey ratepayers. Other wind farm developers are already lining up at the trough of big government begging for their own bailouts, which Governor Murphy is likely to give them.” – Senator Michael Testa (R-1), July 6, 2023.

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