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Senator Jon Bramnick Senator Jon Bramnick (R-21)
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February 13, 2023
Bramnick Bill to Help More Victims of Stalking Qualify for Restraining Orders Advances

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Jon Bramnick that allows more victims of stalking to obtain restraining orders has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sen. Bramnick’s bill that allows restraining orders to be issued to more victims of stalking was advanced by the Senate Judiciary Committee. (©iStock)

“It’s ridiculous that many people who are being stalked can’t get a restraining order without filing criminal charges when they are being threatened or intimidated,” said Bramnick (R-21). “In too many instances, the police are unable to do anything when extremely dangerous behavior is reported. This legislation makes it easier for more victims to get protective restraining orders before frightening conduct escalates to actual harm.”

Current state law does not permit victims of stalking and other forms of abuse to obtain a restraining order when the defendant is a stranger. In most cases, a victim must prove that they have a prior or existing spousal, household, or dating relationship with the offender, unless the defendant was already convicted of stalking.

Senator Bramnick’s bill, S-1517, authorizes the issuance of restraining orders when a victim lacks a prior or existing relationship with their offender. The bill also allows any parent or guardian of a victim who is underage, has a developmental disability, or is incapable of providing consent to file for a restraining order on the victim’s behalf.

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