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August 15, 2022
Testa Celebrates Murphy Retreat on Schools’ Covid Test Mandate as Win for Science & Freedom

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Senator Michael Testa today welcomed an executive order signed by the Governor that closes the book on heavy-handed COVID mandates for teachers.

Sen. Michael Testa welcomed an executive order that closes the book on heavy-handed COVID mandates for teachers before schools resume in September. (Pixabay)

“It was never clear why it took so long, but educators no longer have to worry about unnecessary vaccination requirements and repetitive testing,” said Testa (R-1). “This is a victory for science and personal freedoms, and welcome news for teachers who have one less worry as they prepare to go back to school in the coming weeks.”

The order signed today immediately lift his demands that school districts as well as childcare centers require that their employees to be vaccinated or be subjected to regular COVID testing. Separately, the testing requirement for State workers and contractors will end on Sept. 1, the governor said.

“The case is closed, and I don’t think it would have happened without the persistent, sensible resistance and leadership from Republican lawmakers who pressured the Governor to do the right thing,” Testa noted. “I am proud that our efforts had an impact.”

Throughout the pandemic, Testa has been a staunch advocate for policies that recognize the medical realities of acquired natural immunity.

“Insisting vaccinations were necessary to protect our schools from the virus reflected a disregard for science, and continuing the mandates this long defied logic,” said Testa. “The pandemic threat has evolved, and finally, the Administration’s directive has matured as well.”

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