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July 5, 2022
Durr Says Murphy’s New Gun Restrictions Are “Empty Solutions”

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Senator Ed Durr said new gun restrictions signed into law today by Governor Phil Murphy are empty solutions that will not protect New Jerseyans from violent crime.

Sen. Ed Durr testified against new gun restrictions signed today by Gov. Murphy when the bills were considered by the Senate Law & Public Safety Committee on June 23, 2022. (NJ Senate Republicans/YouTube)

“Not a single one of the new restrictions that Governor Murphy is imposing on law-abiding gun owners today will do anything to protect New Jerseyans from tragic attacks like those in Highland Park, Uvalde, and Buffalo,” said Durr (R-3). “These are empty solutions that will not stop violent criminals who will ignore every new gun law that’s enacted. All these bills will do is put more legal gun owners at risk of being prosecuted for unintentional technical violations of the law.”

“It’s disappointing that none of the packages of gun restrictions enacted by Governor Murphy would help address the growing mental health crisis among our youth that’s been ignored for too long,” Durr added. “I know addressing major gaps in the availability of mental health services in New Jersey is not as flashy as attacking the 2nd Amendment, especially for a Democrat running for President, but it would yield better results than feel-good restrictions that don’t stop crime.”

Durr testified against the bills that were signed today on June 23 when they were considered by the Senate Law & Public Safety Committee.

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