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March 24, 2022
Democrats Block Durr Resolution Urging American Energy Independence

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As families across our nation suffer due to rising gas prices resulting from the war in Ukraine, a resolution by Senator Ed Durr (R-3) urging American energy independence was blocked during today’s Senate session by the Democratic majority.

The Senate Democratic Majority voted to table a resolution by Sen. Ed. Durr urging American energy independence amid rising gas prices due to the war in Ukraine. (

The resolution, SR-74, urges the United States Congress and the President to increase domestic energy production and to lessen regulatory burdens that prevent that from happening.

In urging his colleagues to take action, Durr made the following remarks to the Senate (click here for video):

“Every decade or so, we experience a major crisis where our nation is reminded that we are too dependent on foreign sources of energy. After each crisis has passed, we’ve gone back to the old way of doing business and quickly forgotten the lessons we should have learned.

“As a result of today’s war in Ukraine, Americans are once again learning the pitfalls of relying on distant, unstable, and unfriendly nations to meet our energy needs. Oil prices are soaring. Gas prices are soaring. And American families are suffering. New Jersey families are suffering.

“As a nation, we need to stop being so short-sighted and so unwilling to use our domestic resources to reduce our reliance on foreign energy and protect our families. We should encourage Congress and the President to act to make our nation energy independent.”

Durr’s attempt to move his resolution was immediately tabled by Democrats.

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