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March 1, 2022
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! Governor Murphy’s Top 7 Budget Lies!

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Here are Governor Murphy’s Top 7 Budget Lies to listen for when he delivers his Budget Message on March 8:

LIE #1: He Hasn’t Raised Taxes

THE TRUTH: FIVE TAXES have increased since Governor Murphy promised “no more taxes” in September of 2021. He sat by and let these taxes “automatically” go into effect. In fact, a 20% employer payroll tax increase in October 2021 and a 10% employee payroll tax increase in January 2022 could have been avoided by using billions in unspent federal relief funds. In total, the Murphy administration has collected $3+ billion more in taxes than it needs or anticipated this year.

LIE #2: No New Taxes

THE TRUTH: THREE tax increases are coming for the people of New Jersey: two employer payroll tax increases are planned for July 2022 and July 2023 and a $600 million tax increase for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, the state’s largest health insurance provider, is also on the way.

LIE #3: NJ Is in Stronger Financial Shape

THE TRUTH: The state’s credit rating has been downgraded – TWICE – under Governor Murphy and is worse today than when he took office. That’s the cold hard truth.

LIE #4: His Tax Increases Only Hit the Rich

THE TRUTH: Governor Murphy’s employee payroll tax increases have cost workers more than $1,000 on the first portion of their salary. His nearly 40% toll increases have hit commuters and commerce – forcing prices higher. From energy costs to vaping to ride-sharing to health care – Murphy’s regressive taxes have increased costs for New Jerseyans who can afford it the least.

LIE #5: He Increased School Funding

THE TRUTH: 200 school districts had their funding CUT and countless others received nearly FLAT funding! He points to selective increases for some districts, but the fact remains that many schools aren’t better off.

LIE #6: Property Taxes Are Under Control

THE TRUTH: Really, Phil? Property tax collections are up by nearly 10% since Governor Murphy took office, now costing New Jersey families more than $31.4 billion! By allowing cost-saving contracting reforms to sunset, by imposing unfunded mandates on towns and school districts, by freezing aid to municipalities, and by cutting funding for 200 school districts, Governor Murphy has ensured that New Jersey families continue to pay the highest-in-the-nation property taxes.

LIE #7: He Reduced State Debt

THE TRUTH: Unfortunately, the facts tell a different story. Governor Murphy increased indebtedness with $4 billion in unnecessary “emergency” bonds in 2020 and – even worse – last year, public employee retirement debt increased by $26 billion!

Governor Murphy, enough of the lies. It’s time to tell the truth! You’ve taken over $3 billion from New Jersey families that you didn’t need. Give It Back!

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