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December 8, 2021
Connors, Rumpf & Gove Thank Constituents for Electing Them as Highest Vote-Getters in State Legislative Races

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With final General Election vote tallies now official, Senator Christopher Connors, Assemblyman Brian Rumpf, and Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove received the most votes of any State Senate and State Assembly candidates statewide.

From left: Assemblyman Brian Rumpf, Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove, and Senator Christopher Connors. (

Senator Connors received 62,401 votes with Assemblyman Rumpf receiving 61,980 votes and Assemblywoman Gove receiving 60,798 votes, more than any other candidates in any legislative district.

The 9th District delegation issued the following statement regarding the election vote totals and their commitment to representing their constituency:

“In the most sincere regards, our delegation is deeply honored and humbled by the level of support from our constituency. Our vote totals are reflective of the fact that we represent a highly engaged constituency that cares deeply about the representation provided by their elected officials at all levels of government.

“The hallmark of our representative efforts is working to provide the highest level of constituent services to those we represent who are in need of assistance navigating the state bureaucracy.  Constituent services has only taken on greater importance since the state of emergency was declared by the Governor.

“On legislative issues, we have stood firm in rejecting the extreme, heavy-handed policies that have worsened New Jersey’s affordability crisis and weakened the state’s ability to compete economically, with small businesses being hit disparately hard.

“For seniors, we refuse to give any ground to the interests determined to undermine the rights of age-restricted communities to self-govern without oversight from Trenton. Residents of age-restricted communities do not want or need Trenton looking over their shoulders. To help keep these and other seniors in their homes, we work to secure in every state budget sufficient funding for senior property tax relief programs.

“As demonstrated by our committee assignments, our delegation cares deeply about improving the quality of life for our veterans and their families.  To that end, we have been consistently supportive of policies, the majority of which have been passed with bipartisan sponsorship, that enhance veterans’ benefits and services in areas such as tax relief, education, and health care.

“Perhaps most striking about the vote totals is that our constituents sent an unmistakably clear and direct message to Trenton that they want representatives who stand unalterably opposed to sanctuary state policies.  Illegal aliens absolutely should not be receiving government entitlements, including driver’s licenses. Taxpayers are rightfully infuriated that, as many state residents struggle to make ends meet, Trenton is shamelessly rewarding people for breaking the law and encouraging more to do the same. Like the majority of our constituents, we believe in the rule of law and strongly support the police and all law enforcement officers.

“Again, we want to thank our constituents for their overwhelming engagement in the political and legislative processes, including the faith they have placed in our delegation to serve as their 9th District legislative representatives.

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