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October 8, 2021
Pennacchio Calls on NJ to Stop Discriminating and Immediately Recognize Natural Immunity

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Pfizer Scientists Agree on Natural Immunity’s Protection

As evidence continues to mount that recovered COVID-19 patients are as protected against the virus as those who are vaccinated, Senator Joe Pennacchio today said it is time for the Murphy Administration to face facts and acknowledge the reality of natural immunity.

Scientist confirm patients who recover from COVID-19 develop natural immunities, and Sen. Joe Pennacchio is calling on the Governor’s Administration to face the facts. (©iStock)

“We need to move beyond the false narrative that only through vaccinations can people develop protective antibodies,” said Pennacchio (R-26). “Historically, proven science has recognized that people who contract the virus naturally produce antibodies and develop memory cells that can be called upon for future infections. The body creates its own defenses.”

Earlier this week, a published report cited a Project Veritas video that shows several Pfizer scientists stating that natural immunity can be more effective than inoculation.

A recent study from Israel found that natural immunity confers 13 times the protection provided by two doses of Pfizer vaccines.

“New Jersey should wake up, stop discriminating and immediately recognize natural immunity,” said Pennacchio. “Follow the science and adjust accordingly.”

When the Legislature returns, Pennacchio will introduce a measure that would ensure recovered COVID-19 patients are treated the same as those who have been vaccinated under any vaccine mandate or passport scheme that may be implemented.

Pennacchio said the bill addresses public concerns with President Biden’s decision to force vaccines on many Americans. Along with the Federal government, more private businesses, companies, and other venues are requiring “vaccine passports” for their workers and for the public to participate in their jobs, recreation, and other daily activities.

“Studies, science and data should guide public policy that is transparent and fair to all residents,” said Pennacchio. “We are learning more about the virus and how to treat it every day, and Government decisions and mandates should reflect the changing landscape.”

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