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June 25, 2021
Bucco & Doherty’s Bill Supporting Firefighters Signed by Governor

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Senator Anthony M. Bucco and Senator Mike Doherty’s legislation allowing more firefighters to join the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association (NJSFA) was signed by Governor Murphy.

The Governor signed into law legislation sponsored by Sen. Anthony M. Bucco and Sen. Mike Doherty allowing more firefighters to join the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association. (Pixabay)

The new law, A-4745/S-3277, supports essential volunteer and professional firefighters in the state by increasing the maximum eligibility age to join the NJSFA from 45 to 57. As a result, firefighters could begin serving with the fire service later in life and still earn qualification for exempt firefighter certificates.

“Communities across our state rely on volunteer firefighters to protect lives and property,” said Bucco (R-25), a 40-year member and former captain with the Boonton Volunteer Fire Department. “I am proud of my volunteer service and proud of this new law, which will benefit paid firefighters, as well. It will help bolster the volunteer ranks and better acknowledge the contributions of dedicated volunteers who put the needs of their neighbors above their own.”

Previously, firefighters had been required to join the fire service between the ages of 18 and 45 to be eligible for an exempt fireman certificate. To earn exempt status, volunteers must have responded to a minimum of 60 percent of their department’s fire duty calls over a seven-year period.

“Volunteer firefighters are essential assets for our communities, especially in suburban and rural areas,” said Doherty (R-23). “Age does not affect the selfless commitment of volunteer responders who willingly drop what they are doing to answer the call at any hour. The current age limits fail to reflect today’s realities. By expanding the age requirements, we can attract more dedicated candidates to the fire service to help keep our towns and cities safe.”

Formed in 1885, the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association includes any fire company, department or fire district that is under municipal control. The mission of the association is to establish, provide for and maintain a fund for the relief, support or burial of needy firefighters and their families, and the families of any person who is injured or dies as the result of doing public fire duty.

Among the benefits available to members, the nonprofit NJSFA provides burial benefits and relief assistance to qualified firefighters and their dependents, based on the length of firefighter service with a maximum payment of $12,000 for a fully qualified member.

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