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June 15, 2021
Oroho Bill to Train a New Generation of Manufacturing Experts Advances

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As New Jersey’s expanding manufacturing sector continues to create jobs faster than companies can find qualified candidates, the Senate Higher Education Committee today approved Senator Steve Oroho’s bill that would enlist help from the state’s county colleges and vocational schools.

Senator Steve Oroho sponsors legislation that would establish a manufacturing career pathways in New Jersey colleges and vocational schools to train qualified candidates to fill job vacancies. (Pixabay)

Oroho’s bill, the Manufacturing in Higher Education Act (S-3216), would establish a manufacturing career pathway which would be offered through county colleges and vocational schools and aid the manufacturing industry.

“Manufacturing is back in New Jersey. Now we must help companies fill the job vacancies,” said Oroho (R-24). “The dearth of qualified, trained job candidates has become a crisis for the state’s manufacturers. These companies are ready to grow and take on a greater role in the global market, but without capable employees, they are in a holding pattern.

“This bill will help introduce a new generation of workers to promising career opportunities in manufacturing,” Oroho noted.

The bipartisan effort is also sponsored by Senator Linda Greenstein. Oroho and Greenstein serve on the Legislative Manufacturing Caucus of New Jersey.

Under the bill, the Secretary of Higher Education, the Commissioner of Education, the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development, the New Jersey Council of County Colleges, the New Jersey Council of County Vocational Schools, and representatives of the business community would all have a role in designing the pathway.

The manufacturing career pathway will include traditional and advanced manufacturing processes and methods of production including the machinery, technology, tools, and equipment used in a wide range of manufacturing industries.

“Young people in our state no longer view manufacturing as a job option, but they could be missing out on an opportunity for stable, lucrative, long-term career in a growing field,” said Oroho. “Establishing this program in the schools will help change lives for those who capitalize on the training and the jobs available. They can make something of their lives through manufacturing.”

In addition, the measure establishes a $10 million Higher Education Manufacturing Grant Program to create or expand curriculum in manufacturing, manufacturing engineering or advanced manufacturing at public higher education institutions, and creates the New Jersey STEM Entrepreneur Fellowship Program in county colleges and four-year institutions of higher education to fund at least 20 fellowships to support entrepreneurs in the STEM fields.

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