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February 9, 2010
Bateman Applauds Governor Christie’s Quick Decision on COAH

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Third Round Rules to Be Suspended for 90 Days

Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman, a prime sponsor of legislation that would dismantle the Council On Affordable Housing (COAH), applauded Governor Christie’s Executive Order suspending COAH’s third round rules.

“Governor Christie should be commended for his quick, decisive action suspending the third round rules,” Bateman stated. “For too long COAH’s arbitrary and unpredictable rules and regulations have destroyed open space and stifled job growth without helping build adequate affordable housing.”

The Executive Order would create a study commission chaired by former Senator Marcia Karrow. The Housing Opportunity Task Force will be charged with determining a municipality’s affordable housing obligation, the appropriate areas for affordable housing, the suitable means of incorporating workforce housing into our communities and means of preserving open space.

The study commission is required to have its final report on the governor’s desk in 90 days.

“This Executive order, in conjunction with the bill which is now working it way through the legislative process, will replace COAH with a logical workable arrangement,” Bateman continued. “Our goals are not mutually exclusive, we are working towards the same result. Working together we can construct more affordable housing units, preserve open space and ensure that job growth is a top priority.”

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