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May 12, 2021
Holzapfel/McGuckin/Catalano Bill Makes Trunk Fighting a Felony

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New Law Protects Dogs from Inhumane Abuse

A bill sponsored by Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and John Catalano of the 10th Legislative District to protect dogs from trunk fighting was signed into law by Governor Murphy.

Trunk fighting with dogs is now a felony under legislation sponsored by Senator Jim Holzapfel, Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, and Assemblyman John Catalano that was signed into law by the Governor. (Pixabay)

Trunk fighting is the deplorable practice of locking two or more dogs in the trunk of a car and instigating them to fight to the death.

“This barbaric act is now outlawed in New Jersey,” the lawmakers said in a joint statement. “The inhumane treatment of dogs and other animals offends the decency of Garden State residents who have supported laws to stop dog fighting and other atrocities. Trunk fighting is a tactic gambling rings have used to circumvent existing laws against dog fighting, and this bill closes that loophole.”

Under the new law (S-975) the animal cruelty offense of engaging in, facilitating, or providing the means to engage in trunk fighting is a felony crime of the third degree, subject to civil penalties up to $5,000 for each offense.

“Our intention is for this bill to hammer the final nail in the coffin of dog fight gambling rings in New Jersey,” the legislators said. “Game over.”

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