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April 15, 2021
O’Scanlon Congratulates VNA Community Health Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering for Cooperating to Vaccinate Cancer Patients in New Jersey

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Holmdel, NJ (April 15, 2021) – New Jersey state Senator Declan O’Scanlon, Jr. (R-Monmouth) today expressed his delight at the news that VNA of Central Jersey Community Health Center (VNACJ-CHC) and Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) are collaborating to vaccinate New Jersey cancer patients against COVID-19.

After learning that Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer patients were having a hard time getting vaccines, Sen. Declan O’Scanlon helped arrange to have shots administered by VNA of Central Jersey Community Health Center. (Pixabay)

“Great things happen when good people work together to solve a problem in the spirit of service and cooperation,” Senator O’Scanlon said. “For the patients of Memorial Sloan Kettering, the threat of COVID-19 is a life threatening problem. I commend the leadership and employees of both organizations for creating a solution that makes the vaccine available to cancer patients in a timely and efficient manner.”

During the month of March, O’Scanlon’s office received numerous calls from MSK patients who live in his district looking for help to get the vaccine after learning that their doctors were not able to administer the shots in New Jersey. O’Scanlon connected the two healthcare organizations, both of whom operate in his district, in the hope that they would work together to solve the problem. Yesterday a solution was announced and the first patients received their vaccines.

VNACJ-CHC has created a dedicated scheduling portal for MSK patients. MSK staff members are working with eligible patients to assist them in making appointments. MSK patients can also call their MSK physician’s office for the online registration link that has been created especially for this program. Once registration is complete, the VNACJ-CHC will contact the patient to schedule an appointment. All vaccine appointments will be held at VNACJ-CHC locations in Monmouth County.

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