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March 24, 2021
Local Lawmakers Condemn Racist Email to Old Bridge Councilwoman

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State GOP lawmakers representing the Old Bridge in Legislative District 12 condemned a racist email sent to a Democrat councilwoman in the township.

Sen. Sam Thompson and State GOP lawmakers representing Old Bridge condemned a racist email sent to a Democrat councilwoman in the township. (Pixabay)

“The fact that there is this sort of hate based on race is disgraceful,” said Sen. Samuel Thompson (R-12), who lives in Old Bridge. “Diversity is something to be proud of because it has endured despite attacks from people who can’t see past skin color or ethnicity.”

The email, which Councilwoman Edina Brown received on March 7, contained the N-word multiple times, various racist slurs and offensive language. Brown, who does not know who sent the email, forwarded it to the mayor and police.

“The person who sent this email is hiding because they know what they did is categorically wrong and appalling,” said Assemblyman Rob Clifton. “This coward should be found and prosecuted.”

The township police department and the county prosecutor’s office are jointly investigating, according to township attorney Mark Roselli.

“Regardless of political party, we must condemn racism in all forms,” said Assemblyman Ron Dancer. “Republicans are the party of Lincoln, the party that fought for freedom for all.”

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