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March 25, 2021
Senate Approves Oroho Measure Ensuring Small Sending Districts Have Voice in School Matters

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Small school districts that send students to a high school district but do not qualify for representation on the school board would have more input on school policies and decisions under legislation sponsored by Senator Steve Oroho and advanced today during the Senate voting session.

Small school districts that send their students for a receiving district would have great say about the school policies and decisions under Sen. Steve Oroho’s legislation. (

Currently, only districts that contribute 10 percent or more of the total enrolment qualify for representation on the receiving district’s school board.

Oroho’s bill, S-2166, provides for the appointment of one additional member to the receiving district’s board from the school board of each school district that fails to meet the 10 percent threshold.

Additional board members will be eligible to speak on any matter directly involving the sending district students or programs and services utilized by those students, and would possess limited voting rights under the bill.

“It is vital that taxpayers who are sending their children and their money to receiving districts have representation on the inside to participate in discussions and advocate for students,” said Oroho (R-24). “Increasing communication and transparency will help ensure the interests of all students and all districts are valued. The education of our children and its role in their futures is a transcendent responsibility.”

Oroho’s bill was suggested by the Oxford Township School District, located within the Senator’s legislative district. Oxford students from grades 7 to 12 attend the Warren Hills Regional School District.

Oxford does not meet the current 10 percent criteria for school board representation.

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