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February 19, 2021
Bateman Measure to Designate April 22 as ‘Personal Carbon Footprint Awareness Day’ Clears Senate

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Senator Kip Bateman’s resolution to designate “Earth Day,” April 22 of each year, as “Personal Carbon Footprint Awareness Day” was approved by the New Jersey Senate.

Sen. Bateman’s resolution to designate April 22 of each year as “Personal Carbon Footprint Awareness Day” was approved by the New Jersey Senate. (©iStock)

“Although each person’s individual contribution to greenhouse gas production may be small, the overall effect of minor changes by millions of New Jerseyans would be significant,” said Bateman (R-16). “‘Personal Carbon Footprint Awareness Day’ will encourage all of us to make small changes in our daily routines to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”

According to the 2020 New Jersey Scientific Report on Climate Change, New Jersey is warming faster than the rest of the Northeast region. The temperature increase will cause many negative consequences, including heatwaves, which are expected to impact larger areas, with more frequency and longer duration. Data suggests that this change in climate could result in a 55% increase in summer heat-related mortalities.

The resolution, SJR-75, would encourage New Jerseyans to reflect on ways in which they can reduce their personal carbon footprint to combat climate change. Small ways to reduce greenhouse gases include: using public transportation or electric vehicles, turning down the heat and air-conditioning when a home is unoccupied, switching to LED lightbulbs, and using more reusable items—such as thermoses, durable plastic or glass food containers, and reusable shopping bags.

“Climate change continues to have a significant impact on New Jersey and many other parts of the world—from eroding shorelines and extreme weather events to vast wildfires and severe flooding,” added Bateman. “However, ‘going green’ does not have to be complicated. We can all help reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change with just a few simple steps.”

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