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January 29, 2021
LD1 Team: Legislative Social Media Helped Connect $100K in EDA Grants to Local Businesses

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Using Social Media, the LD1 Team Alerted Businesses about Nearly $100K Worth of Grants Pending Shrinking Deadline

Ensuring more than a dozen small businesses met the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) Small Business Grant Program deadline, Senator Michael Testa, Assemblyman Erik Simonsen, and Assemblyman Antwan McClellan used creative methods to guarantee local businesses received updates and confirmation of their rightful NJEDA grant funds totaling nearly $100,000.

The LD1 Team fought to secure nearly $100,000 in NJEDA Grants for local businesses, ultimately helping a kids swim club, a local restaurant, a boardwalk candy shop, and more. (©iStock)

“When I realized nearly $100,000 of NJEDA grants for in-district businesses might slip through the cracks, I knew our office had to take action,” Testa said. “Through countless calls, emails, and finally the use of Facebook Messenger, we were able to inform businesses that they received an NJEDA grant and needed to immediately sign for approval before the Feb. 1, 2021 deadline. Who would have thought that the easiest way to connect with so many businesses was through Facebook Messenger?”

“After talking to multiple owners, it was clear many of the businesses assumed the NJEDA Adobe Sign notice of their grant confirmation alert was a scam sent to their inbox,” Simonsen stated.¬† “It is our duty to fight for the local small businesses that were eligible for the necessary NJEDA grant. These entrepreneurs suffered too much already during Governor Murphy’s State Shutdown, the last thing they need are job saving grant funds to be left on the table.”

Simonsen noted that a local business explained that when he received the NJEDA’s Adobe Sign document the owner was worried about providing his full bank information.

“We are rooting for these small, family owned business to not only to stay open, but to thrive,” McClellan added. “Hearing that there was nearly $100,000 left on the line for our District’s businesses is disheartening. I am so glad our team was able to rally together, be resourceful, and notify these small business about their grants.”

McClellan added that the small businesses that the First Legislative Office assisted ranged from a local kids swim club to a candy store on the boardwalk.

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