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Senator Tom Kean, Jr. Senator Tom Kean, Jr. (R-21)
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January 7, 2021
Kean Bill Informing People with Disabilities and Seniors of Public Transit Fare Discounts Becomes Law

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Requires Advertising to Promote Availability of Discounted Fares and Accessibility

A state program providing discounted bus and rail transportation to seniors and those with disabilities will be promoted with advertising under legislation (S-1936) sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean and signed into law today.

Sen. Tom Kean’s legislation requiring the the State to advertise its program for discounted bus and rail fares for seniors and those with disabilities is now law. (

The new law requires the transportation commissioner to publicize the program, the reduced fare costs, and the hours when reduced fares may be used.

“The State has a beneficial program that can help disabled residents and senior citizens who may struggle to get to appointments, but many of those who could use the help are unaware of the service,” said Kean (R-21). “This will ensure residents who qualify for discounted rides can take advantage of a service that can make their lives easier. Help is available, and more people can benefit from it.”

The new law is the result of discussions during the Senate Select Committee meeting on transportation issues for people with disabilities.

The commissioner is also required under the law to advertise the public transportation facilities made accessible to persons with disabilities and the availability of other public transportation services for use by those with disabilities, including the New Jersey Transit Corporation’s Access Link paratransit service.

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