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Senator Joe Pennacchio Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26)
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December 15, 2020
Pennacchio’s Message to Murphy: Stop Ruling and Start Governing

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Senator Joe Pennacchio released the following statement in response to comments by Governor Murphy telling young New Jerseyans “you could be passing this on to your parents or your grandparents, and essentially, I hate to say it, killing them”:

Sen. Joe Pennacchio said Gov. Murphy got it wrong when he blamed young people for killing their grandparents during the pandemic, noting the Administration was responsible for the loss of more than 7,100 seniors in nursing homes. (Flickr)

“It’s no surprise that the Governor got it wrong. Young people are not killing their parents, but it may be time for the Governor to look in the mirror. His own administration directly contributed to the deaths of more than 7,100 grandparents in nursing homes.

“The lack of engagement by the Democrat Legislature has emboldened the Governor’s specious hyperbole, and this rhetorical blame game from the self-appointed captain of a rudderless ship does more harm than good.

“At a time when the state needs leadership, not finger-pointing, he instead resorts to using disparaging terms to describe residents who don’t agree with his policies. Lead by example, not sound bites, Governor Murphy.”

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