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December 4, 2020
Governor Signs Thompson Bill Delaying Filing Deadlines for School District Audit Reports

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New Law Provides a 2-Month Extension Due to Pandemic

School districts will have more time to file required annual audits with the Commissioner of Education after the Governor today signed into law legislation sponsored by Senator Sam Thompson.

Senator Thompson’s legislation extending the deadline for school districts filing annual audit reports with the education commissioner has been signed into law by the Governor. (

The bipartisan measure provides a two-month extension.

“It is important to ensure these annual reports are thorough and accurate,” said Thompson (R-12). “The meticulous process shouldn’t be rushed for a deadline made impractical by virus-related changes to the school schedule. This is just one more aspect of our education system that has been impacted by COVID, and the new law will mitigate some of the factors interfering with the completion of reports.”

Under the law, districts will have until Jan. 31 to complete annual audits for the 2019-2020 school fiscal year, and the deadline for submission to the commissioner is moved to Feb. 5.

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