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November 9, 2020
Oroho Bill Establishing Online Permit Processing Review System Advances

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Bipartisan Measure Would Launch New Era of Construction Permitting

The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today cleared legislation sponsored by Senator Steven Oroho that would modernize the complex construction permitting and inspection process.

Senator Oroho sponsors legislation that would establish the Electronic Permit Processing Review System to modernize the slow, inefficient and outdated process currently in place. (

Oroho’s bipartisan bill, A-1145/S-1739, establishes the Electronic Permit Processing Review System, a digital solution that would be available around the clock to accept requests and provide details about projects.

“This upgrade will improve the entire process, from submission and review, to scheduling, inspection and approvals,” said Oroho (R-24). “It’s time to bring the permitting process into the digital age. A centralized online system will simplify the complicated mechanisms and eliminate much of the frustration and costly inefficiencies that often delay important projects.”

The electronic system established by the bill would also provide an applicant with the ability to submit a request for the on-site inspection of a project and continuous 24-hour access to all submissions.

“This bill delivers for taxpayers, improving efficiency and reducing hands-on effort from municipal employees, and it benefits employers with quicker resolutions and on-time job completions,” said Oroho. “Technology has changed the way the world does business, and the state must adapt and progress. We shouldn’t drag our feet when there is an opportunity to upgrade to something better, faster and more dynamic.”

The legislation passed overwhelmingly in the General Assembly earlier this year, and the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee cleared it on Sep. 21.

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