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Senator Anthony M. Bucco Senator Anthony M. Bucco (R-25)
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October 28, 2020
Bucco Bill Would Require MVC to Allow Drivers to Schedule All Appointments Online

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Legislation Also Extends Expiration Dates of Documents Until Time of Appointment

Senator Anthony M. Bucco will introduce legislation allowing drivers to schedule appointments for service at all New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) agencies.

Sen. Tony Bucco will introduce legislation allowing drivers to schedule appointments for service at all NJMVC agencies. He said it will save drivers from waiting in long lines. (

Drivers think it’s absolutely ridiculous that they can’t schedule all of their MVC appointments online,” said Bucco (R-25). “For too long, the MVC has dragged its feet on implementing an online reservation system that would alleviate the persistently long lines outside of agency offices. This bill will force their hand and provide the convenience that drivers have demanded and deserve.”

While the MVC recently announced that some licensing centers will only serve customers by appointment, drivers still lack the ability to schedule appointments at all MVC agencies.

Bucco’s new legislation requires the MVC to allow customers to reserve appointments for service at any agency location through the commission’s website.

Additionally, if the first available appointment scheduled by a customer to renew an expiring document is after the document is set to expire, the legislation would extend the expiration of the document until the time and date of the appointment.

Further, the MVC would be required to issue the customer documentation as proof that the expiration of the document has been extended until the time of the scheduled appointment.

“The MVC’s argument against scheduling appointments has been that it would lower the volume of people they can serve,” added Bucco. “Even if it takes drivers longer to get through the door, they won’t care if it keeps them from sitting in long lines and their licenses remain valid until the time of their scheduled appointment.”

The new legislation is Bucco’s latest effort to transition more MVC services online and to streamline the process for drivers who need to visit agency offices.

Last month, a bill he sponsored allowing more license renewals to be conducted online was signed into law.

After MVC agencies closed their doors in March due to COVID-19 concerns, Bucco warned in May that the agencies would be overwhelmed upon reopening if online services were not expanded significantly.

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