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October 19, 2020
More Veterans Would Qualify for NJ Civil Service Job Preferences Under Corrado Bill

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Veterans qualify for hiring preferences for civil service jobs in New Jersey, and bipartisan legislation sponsored by Senator Kristin Corrado clarifying eligibility requirements was advanced today by the Senate Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Senator Corrado’s bill amends the definition of veteran for civil service preferences, paving the way for more former service members to qualify for jobs. (©iStock)

The bill, S-2968, amends the definition of veteran for the civil service hiring preferences by removing the requirement of specific lengths of service time, and broadens the locations designated for eligibility.

“The preference afforded to veterans is a well-deserved benefit for men and women who served our country in the military,” said Corrado. “This measure would provide a more equitable determination for which veterans qualify for preferential civil service ranking. The adjustment would more accurately reflect the intention of providing an employment edge for veterans.”

Eligible Veterans are provided an absolute Veterans Preference when applying for a New Jersey civil service position. The New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs (DMAVA) web site says “this means that qualified New Jersey Veterans who receive a passing score are placed at the top of open competitive employment lists, ahead of Non-Veterans, regardless of their scores.”

New Jersey law requires veterans to “have received an honorable discharge from active duty that includes dates of service during a qualifying war era,” according to the DMAVA site.

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