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September 3, 2020
Connors, Rumpf & Gove: Proposed Boat Tax Increase Targeting Shore Economy a Self-Inflicted Wound for Trenton

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Senator Christopher Connors, Assemblyman Brian Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove are warning that increasing the sales tax on boats will have economic consequences for New Jersey, to the likely benefit of Delaware.

Senator Connors, Assemblyman Rumpf and Assemblywoman Gove warn that Governor Murphy’s plan to increase the sales tax on boats will have severe economic consequences for New Jersey, cost middle-class jobs, and encourage boat-buyers to go to Delaware. (

The Delegation’s warning is in response to Governor Murphy’s FY2021 proposed State Budget announcement that touted increasing the sales tax on boats as yet another means of raising revenue for cash-starved Trenton.

“While Governor Murphy is gung-ho about repealing a rare bipartisan tax cut enacted in 2015, obviously little consideration has been given to the economic repercussions for our state that already has an unenviable reputation for being anti-business.

“If the tax is increased, boaters will instead just purchase their boats in Delaware to save money.   New Jersey’s boating industry, which is still working hard to recover from Superstorm Sandy, will take the hit, as will local shore economies.

“The argument of those justifying this proposed tax increase as targeting the wealthy is severely undercut by the inevitable loss of middle-class jobs this will cost within the boating industry that is being targeted, for no other reason, than its success.

“Trenton’s fixation to raise revenue at all costs and see tax increases as a cure-all has already proven to be a failed policy agenda, as evidenced by the very tax cut the Governor is seeking to repeal.

“For these sound reasons, our Delegation will vote against the proposed tax increase on boats which erodes the rare economic gains for our state that were created by a bipartisan tax cut enacted as a Superstorm Sandy recovery effort.”

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