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August 17, 2020
Holzapfel, McGuckin & Catalano: ‘In-Person Voting with Photo ID Is the Only Way to Prevent Voter Fraud’

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The controversy over the mail-in ballot process and the many issues resulting from the July primary has the 10th District Legislators very concerned for the integrity of the November General Election.  Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and John Catalano stress the importance of in-person voting and point to their legislation which requires voter ID before voting at a polling place.

Senator Holzapfel and Assemblymen McGuckin and Catalano today emphasized the importance of in-person voting and renewed calls for their legislation to require voter ID to prevent fraud. (©iStock)

“Why is it OK for people to stand online for hours at the Motor Vehicle Commission but voting at a polling place is too risky?” asked Senator Holzapfel.  “Since when is transferring a title on a car more important than your right to vote?”

“We believe in-person voting is the only way to correct these glaring inaccuracies that we saw in the July primary and restore voter confidence,” continued Holzapfel. “Our bill will require photo ID at all polling places in order to eliminate voter fraud and restore our trust in our democracy.”

S-2775/A-4490, requires a voter to present photo identification before voting at a polling place at any election.  Acceptable photo identification includes a New Jersey drivers’ license, New Jersey REAL ID, New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles “identification only” card, or a United States passport.

“Governor Murphy just used a health emergency to completely nullify state laws designed to protect the integrity of our electoral process,” said Assemblyman McGuckin.  “As if this wasn’t bad enough, at the same time he is serving as the Co-Chair of the Democratic National Convention.  This simply does not pass the smell test!”

“During the July primary we received many alarming calls from constituents who had been mailed ballots to unaffiliated or inactive voters,” added McGuckin. “If those issues were happening then, what makes this new system effective for the upcoming election? I truly fear for our country’s future if votes are not counted properly.”

According to the bill, a voter who does not present photo identification or whose ID contains a picture that does not appear to depict the voter would be subject to challenge.  The bill does not deny or alter a voter’s opportunity to establish his or her right to vote if challenged.

The legislators state that photo identification is required in many situations, however residents are not required to confirm their identity before exercising their right to vote.

“The best way to ensure the integrity of our elections and prevent voter fraud is in-person and with identification,” concluded Assemblyman Catalano.  “It’s a common sense solution in order to protect one of our most precious rights as Americans.”

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