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January 20, 2010
Pennacchio & Kean Congratulate Governor Christie for Making Transparency in Government a Priority

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Senator Joe Pennacchio and Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean congratulated Governor Christie for making the Transparency in Government Act among his first Executive Orders. The Executive Order, which has the force of law, will create a searchable, easy-to-use Web site that taxpayers can use to track government spending.

“It’s been more than a year since I introduced this vitally needed legislation, yet without a full court press from former Corzine Administration, it failed to pass during the last session,” Pennacchio stated. “Today with the stroke of his pen Governor Christie made transparency in government the order of the day.”

“The critical goals of this non-partisan, common-sense legislation are too important to delay for even another day,” Senator Kean said. “Governor Christie demonstrated his commitment today to good, honest government in New Jersey.”

Legislation, S-708, which would codify the executive order into law has been introduced in the Senate this session by Senator Pennacchio and Senator Codey.

“I know that Senate President Sweeney recognizes the importance of this bill and I hope, working together, we can begin moving this measure through the legislative process as soon as possible,” Pennacchio concluded.

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