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July 30, 2020
Oroho Measure to Establish NJ Manufacturing Week Passes Senate

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Senator Steve Oroho’s resolution to create Manufacturing Week in New Jersey has passed the State Senate.

The legislation, SJR-57, would designate the first week of October of each year as Manufacturing Week.

Sen. Steve Oroho’s resolution to establish ‘Manufacturing Week’ has passed the Senate. (

“As a proud member of the bipartisan Manufacturing Caucus, we are tasked with exploring new strategies to make New Jersey more competitive for manufacturers so they can expand or choose to locate their businesses in the State,” said Oroho (R- 24). “New Jersey has one of the most educated and skilled workforces in the nation, and our ideal location in the Northeast provides manufacturers with the infrastructure for wide-scale distribution of manufacturing products and services. Designating this week is a step toward re-establishing New Jersey as a place that welcomes business and capital investment.”

More than 11,000 manufacturers are located in New Jersey, employing almost 400,000 skilled workers.

New Jersey is home to a variety of manufacturers and four key sectors of advanced manufacturing are prominent: chemicals, machinery, computer/electronic products, and food. These industries contribute significantly to the State’s economy.

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