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January 13, 2010
Oroho Wonders What’s the Rush to Spend Money We Don’t Have

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Senator Steve Oroho, a member of the state Budget and Appropriations Committee, said he was outraged but not surprised by the decision of the Local Finance Board to rush through $121 million in ‘Special’ Municipal Aid grants.

“In past years, the board awarded these grants in April or May,” Oroho said. “Clearly, the Corzine administration is afraid that this process would not survive the scrutiny of a new governor who demands people play by the rules when handing out taxpayer money.”

Oroho went before the board today to protest the rush to award grants before Governor Christie, who was elected to office in November with a substantial majority, has a chance to scrutinize the budget.

“We have a $1 billion deficit this year and face a $10 billion deficit next year,” Oroho said. “Every dime of questionable spending approved in the waning days of this lame-duck administration is money that won’t be there to pay for essential services next year.”

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