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Senator Kristin Corrado Senator Kristin Corrado (R-40)
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July 7, 2020
Corrado: Motor Vehicles Commission Earns Failing Sticker for Inspection Station and Agency Reopening

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Senator Kristin Corrado called the situation today at New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission agencies and inspection stations across the state an embarrassment that never should have happened.

This horrendous lines and delays at New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission facilities across the state is an embarrassment that never should have happened, Senator Corrado said. (

“Like most of the state, MVC has been closed down for almost four months,” Corrado said. “During that time, they should have planned a strategy to deal with reopening, but today it is crystal clear they are unprepared. People, waiting for many hours to complete necessary transactions, are living a nightmare.”

The Senator noted that in her legislative district, the situation at the large MVC facility in Wayne was so bad the local police shut down the office.

“The traffic was backed up onto the highway and it was creating a hazardous situation,” Corrado said. “Last week was terrible, but today was even worse. It has been four days since inspections opened, and it’s not getting any better.”

Overflowing traffic at the facility in Wayne was already interfering with morning rush hour by 7:15 a.m. Eventually it was so bad it was impeding motorists attempting to access or exit the highway at the Totowa ramp and the decision was made to shut down the inspection station for safety reasons.

“NJMVC’s performance has been an abysmal failure,” Corrado said. “Locally, they were so overwhelmed they were utilizing police officers to screen cars on Route 46 before they entered the facility to get them into the right cues. It is obvious there has been no preparation, no planning, no leadership.”

Last week, problems with delays and long lines prompted Wayne Township and the police department to request the hiring of extra MVC security guards to control traffic, and Corrado followed up with emails to the commission.

The request was denied, with an MVC official saying there is no budget for extra security.

“With all the money and fees taxpayers shell out in this state, you would think they could hire a few people during this transition,” Corrado noted. “The lack of consideration is troubling.”

The multi-purpose facility in Wayne deals with inspections, licensing and registration, and written and road tests for passenger car and commercial driver’s licenses. Ongoing construction at the site has only contributed to the frustration.

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