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July 6, 2020
Kean Blasts Another Democrat Attempt to Shape Elections

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The Democratic Legislature today advanced a play to further strengthen their majority advantage in State government.

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean said a resolution introduced by the Democrats is just another attempt to disenfranchise New Jersey votes. (

Senator Nick Scutari and Assemblyman John McKeon proposed a constitutional amendment that would delay legislative redistricting until the 2023 election.

“This isn’t the first time Democrats have attempted to disenfranchise New Jersey voters. I don’t think anybody is surprised by this,” said Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean. “This has become a pattern now as they hide behind cover and attempt to manipulate elections to their advantage.”

Less than two years ago, the majority party attempted to sprint to the finish line.  Dozens of nonpartisan election experts,  editorial writers and advocates from across the political spectrum joined the chorus of opposition to this effort to disenfranchise democracy, and Republicans called it a “scheme to rig elections.”

“They tried to do an end run during the Christmas season in 2018. Now, when they think everyone is distracted by COVID, they yet again want to take advantage of conditions to slip it past under cover of darkness,” said Kean, vowing that the move would not go unnoticed.

“The partisan gerrymandering strategy is different, but the goal is the same. They want a lock on legislative dominance in Trenton,” said Kean. “Using the rationale that the pandemic is interfering with census-information gathering, this bill is an effort to steamroll the State Constitution to ensure Democrat outcomes for incumbent legislators.”

Under the resolution (SCR122/ACR188), the Legislative Apportionment Commission would be required to certify the new legislative map late in 2021, after the November election but before the New Year.

“This is being done in the middle of a pandemic. Stakeholders and communities of interest who will be impacted the most will have little opportunity to engage in a debate over such an important constitutional change,” said Kean. “It’s an injustice to New Jersey residents who deserve effective representation now more than ever during this coronavirus crisis.”

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