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June 17, 2020
Tell Gov. Murphy: Don’t Cut the Senior Freeze or Homestead Tax Relief Programs!

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Sign the Online Petition to Protect the Senior Freeze & Homestead Benefit Programs

Governor Phil Murphy has proposed cutting funding for the Senior Freeze and Homestead Benefit property tax relief programs that make it possible for many elderly residents and middle-class families to own a home in New Jersey.

SIGN the online petition urging Gov. Murphy not to cut the Senior Freeze and Homestead Benefit property tax relief programs.

Rather than adopt bipartisan recommendations from the Legislature to close budget shortfalls resulting from COVID-19, the governor has ignored fiscally responsible solutions and placed the burden of balancing the State budget on the backs of struggling homeowners.

The Murphy Administration already eliminated the Homestead Benefit credit from property tax bills that were due on May 1st and August 1st, forcing homeowners to pay more. Now they are threatening to remove the valuable tax credit from bills due in November and 2021.

Under Governor Murphy’s plan, seniors who depend on the Property Tax Reimbursement program, also known as the Senior Freeze, did not receive their July payment to help them stay in their homes.

You can tell Governor Murphy NOT to cut the Senior Freeze and Homestead Benefit programs.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition urging Gov. Murphy to fund these important property tax relief programs!

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