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June 15, 2020
Senate Approves Bateman’s Clean Water Initiatives

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Appropriates funding for vital environmental infrastructure projects

Clean water and environmental projects across the state will be green-lighted through the new fiscal year under two measures sponsored by Senator Kip Bateman and advanced today by the Senate.

Senator Bateman’s legislation appropriating funds for crucial clean water infrastructure projects earned Senate approval today. (Pixabay)

A bipartisan bill (S-2499), introduced by Bateman and Democrat Senator Bob Smith, chairman of the Environmental and Energy Committee, appropriates federal and state funds to implement more than $1 billion in vital environmental infrastructure construction.

“We must ensure that necessary construction to protect our drinking water and keep the taps flowing proceed, and this will achieve that without placing additional burden on property taxpayers,” said Bateman (R-16). “Parts of the state are proceeding with costly renovations to bolster and update water treatment facilities and wastewater controls damaged by Storm Sandy. These are all essential projects that need to be done.”

The measure appropriates money to the Department of Environmental Protection’s New Jersey Infrastructure Bank Financing Program where it will assist local government units, municipal, county and regional authorities, and small water companies with loans at or below the prevailing rates for qualifying clean water projects.

The Senate also passed a Bateman-sponsored resolution (SCR-115) conveying the house’s approval of the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank’s Fiscal Year 2021 Financial Plan.

The financial plan, submitted to the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the General Assembly as required by law, must be endorsed by both houses.

“I am proud to sponsor these important and sensible measures,” Bateman said. “In conjunction with another bill passed today (S-2498), they provide an affordable financial source for needed infrastructure upgrades that benefit New Jersey residents, neighborhoods and the environment.”

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