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Senator Michael Testa Senator Michael Testa (R-1)
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May 13, 2020
Testa Calls for More ‘Open’ Signs, No More Deliberation

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Senator Michael Testa issued the following statement after Governor Murphy announced plans to allow non-essential businesses to reopen curbside pickup, non-essential construction projects to resume, drive-in movies can resume, and people will be able to gather in cars for religious services:

Senator Testa called on the Governor to lift more restrictions on business so the state’s economic recovery can begin. (©iStock)

“I am beyond glad the State’s only drive-in movie theater can be open. However, this is a just a drop in the bucket, helping a few businesses when there are so many other dying small and mid-size enterprises desperate for relief,” said Senator Michael Testa. “The Governor’s actions announced today are long overdue. They should have been done three or four weeks ago.

“It’s time for the Governor to get out of the way and allow the market to respond and adapt to the pandemic threat in safe and responsible ways that prioritizes the health of both the business and valued customers. We don’t have time to wait for huge task forces to agonize for weeks and months pondering the reopening of the economy. Restore the rights of business owners to make responsible decisions and follow reasonable precautions.

“I have faith in our industry leaders to practice measures that will protect both the consumer and allow their business to thrive in this unprecedented time.”

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