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December 10, 2009
Bateman Bill Giving Public Access to School Audits Clears Senate

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Senator Christopher (Kip) Bateman, R-District 16, said he is pleased that the Senate unanimously passed his legislation requiring that state agencies release any report resulting from a school district audit within 30 days of completion.

“When taxpayers pay for a study or an audit, they should have the right to see it as soon as it is completed,” Senator Bateman said. “Keeping such information secret only contributes to a growing distrust of government.”

Senator Kip Bateman speaking during the Senate session on December 10, 2009.

Bateman introduce the legislation after Senate and Assembly Republican staff members were forced to file requests under the Open Public Records Act to see Department of Education audits of school districts that had been completed months earlier.

“Taxpayers should get easy access to documents detailing how their money is spent, yet state agencies have tried to delay or block even members of the Legislature from getting public documents,” Bateman said. “This law should make it clear that this type of government secrecy won’t be tolerated.”

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