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May 12, 2020
Testa, Simonsen & McClellan Blast Murphy’s Refusal to Allow Regional Reopenings

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LD1 Team Says Governor’s Approach Will Cause Unnecessary Economic Harm to South Jersey

Legislators representing the 1st Legislative District blasted Governor Phil Murphy’s announcement that regions of New Jersey that have recovered from the coronavirus will not be allowed to reopen as soon as they are ready.

Testa, Simonsen & McClellan blasted Gov. Murphy’s announcement that regions of New Jersey that have recovered from the coronavirus will not be allowed to reopen as soon as they are ready. (¬©iStock)

Senator Michael Testa and Assemblymen Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan (all R-1) said the governor’s approach will lead to a longer lockdown than otherwise necessary in some parts of New Jersey, causing unnecessary economic harm to the South Jersey and Jersey Shore communities they represent.

“Governor Murphy may want to look at a calendar,” said Senator Michael Testa. “Memorial Day is almost here and our tourism dependent economy will be hit extra hard for every day beyond then that he forces our community to stay locked down. It’s absurd that his administration’s planning doesn’t account for regional differences in recovery trends and local planning. Cape May County, for example, has a thoughtful and detailed plan to allow for reopening around Exit 0 to happen safely once restrictions are lifted. Governor Murphy needs to recognize that the 1st Legislative District is not densely populated like much of North Jersey. We shouldn’t be treated the same. The harm he will cause our community by delaying reopening is completely unnecessary and will have life-altering, long-lasting effects.”

Governor Murphy said today at his daily briefing that the lockdown restrictions he implemented by executive order will be lifted statewide when he chooses to do so, with restrictions lifted incrementally.

“It has been over a week now since Cape May County delivered it’s safe and sensible plan for reopening to Governor Murphy,” Assemblyman Erik Simonsen said. “We had heard nothing from the Governor that gives any hope for a timely restart of the $6.6 billion tourism economy that supports 60% of the jobs in our area. Wake up Governor! We are not North Jersey! Look up from your ‘models and data’ and into the suffering eyes of the families and businesses you are supposed to be serving. These folks are about to lose it all.”

“Has the Governor even read our plan? Has he looked at the drastic difference in the impact of this virus from north to south? Is he even aware that 70% of Cape May County’s annual revenue is generated from now to September?” Assemblyman Antwan McClellan wondered. “If our shore towns lose the next three months, they lose the whole year. Thousands of businesses will never reopen. Tens of thousands of jobs will be lost. Why? We have a plan that will work for us, written by us. So please Governor, listen to us! Reopen our tourism businesses now.”

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