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April 1, 2020
Testa, McClellan & Simonsen Advise NJ Tax Filers of Deadline Extension

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Vow to Fight for South Jersey During Budget Process

Senator Michael Testa Jr. and Assemblymen Antwan McClellan and Erik K. Simonsen are alerting residents that the deadline for filing New Jersey income taxes has been delayed until July 15, coinciding with the extended federal deadline.

Senator Testa and Assemblymen McClellan and Simonsen informed residents that New Jersey Income Taxes are not due until July due to the coronavirus pandemic. (

“People are worried and concerned about the coronavirus pandemic,” said Testa (R-1). “COVID-19 has upended everyday life and created severe financial strain on residents. Good news has been hard to come by, but the tax filing delay will lighten the stress levels on those who are isolating at home and trying to keep themselves and families safe and well.”

The delay comes just two weeks before the usual April 15 deadline and coincides with federal filing, postponed for three months by the IRS last week. The new filing date impacts State income tax and the corporate business tax.

Governor Murphy and legislative leaders also announced the State will move the end of the fiscal year back three months, from June until September.

“This crisis is wreaking havoc on the State budget and the budgeting process,” said Testa, who will serve on the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. “The discussions and decisions will be more crucial than ever as the State, businesses and residents struggle to recover from the financial ravages of the emergency. I am committed to ensuring that South Jersey remains a priority and receives appropriate consideration and treatment.”

“South Jersey will always remain our priority,” said Simonsen. “Our team is in office to serve each and every one of the families and small businesses of Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland Counties, and we will continue to fight for our community in Trenton.”

“Our number one concern is to the health and economic security of the families of Legislative District One,” added McClellan. “While we continue to ask our communities to stay at home and follow the CDC guidelines, we will continue to place our seniors, small business owners, and families first.”

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