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March 30, 2020
Testa Statement on Designating Firearms Businesses as Essential

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Murphy Rights a Wrong and Reopens Gun Stores

Senator Michael Testa (R-1) released the following statement:

Sen. Michael Testa released the following statement on New Jersey designating firearms businesses as essential. (©iStock)

“I am pleased that Gov. Murphy is finally recognizing and honoring our constitutional right to bear arms, especially amid this State of Emergency.

“The Second Amendment is essential to all law-abiding citizens, particularly for increased safety, security, and self-protection. New Jerseyans’ rights to purchase a firearm should have never been infringed upon in the first place.

“We are proud that New Jersey will ensure citizens are lawfully able to practice their Second Amendment right.”

On March 25, Testa called on Gov. Murphy to add gun stores to the lists of essential retail businesses that are allowed to remain open during the current state of emergency due to the coronavirus.

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