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March 19, 2020
Testa: ‘Now is Not the Time for Tourism’

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Pledges Support for Local Businesses Suffering Through COVID-19 Pandemic

“This is one time when we want to see the beaches and the boardwalks empty,” said Senator Michael Testa Jr. as he called on New Jersey and out-of-state residents to remain self-quarantined and follow common-sense precautions to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

Sen. Testa said ‘now is not the time to be traveling to tourism areas’ and called on all residents – in-state and out- – to remain self-quarantined to prevent the spread of COVID-19. (CDC)

“Now is not the time to be traveling to tourism areas,” Testa continued. “Tourism is the life-blood of the economy in our Shore towns, but right now, it is important to make public health and safety the priorities.”

Testa has pledged his support for more than 20 bills to help families, schools, and businesses struggling to cope with the effects of the coronavirus crisis that will be voted on in a Senate session today.

“These are extremely difficult times for all of us,” Testa said “My resolve is stronger than ever to fight for the businesses that fuel our economy and provide the jobs that put food on the table for New Jersey families. The bills we will pass today is only the first wave of crucial assistance we will need from Trenton and from Washington.”

Testa called on residents to remain quarantined at home and follow the guidelines established by the CDC, health officials and government leaders.

“It is essential that we all work together to prevent the worsening of this dangerous pandemic,” said Testa. “We will restore our economy when this life-threatening crisis has passed, but we cannot restore the lives that are lost.”

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