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February 19, 2020
Thompson Bill Exposes the Source of Nuisance Phone Calls

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Spoofing Tactics Used by Telemarketers Would be Banned

Legislation introduced by Senator Sam Thompson would hang up the phone on telemarketers hiding their identities by spoofing the name or phone number displaying on caller ID.

Sen. Sam Thompson has introduced legislation cracking down on telemarketers that barrage consumers with calls from spoofed phone numbers. (

“Spoof calls are increasing. The phone rings and you have no idea who is on the other end of the line,” said Thompson (R-12). “Marketers shouldn’t be able to hide their names or locations. This bill will remove the anonymity and people will know exactly who is on the line before they decide to answer the call or ignore it.”

Thompson’s measure (S-1426) would stop marketers from placing calls that fail to provide the name of the company, or making a call or text message that displays false or misleading caller ID information.

“Telemarketers have mastered technology that allows them to interrupt our lives with phone calls that hide their true identities,” Thompson noted. “We’ve all gotten the calls from numbers that appear to be from local exchanges, or even seem to originate from our own cell phones. This is an invasion of privacy, and it will be prohibited under my bill. It will protect consumers from the onslaught of unwanted calls.”

Thompson’s bill also provides that a person who manipulates a caller ID service is guilty of a disorderly person offense, punishable by a prison term up to six months or a fine up to $1,000.

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